Agathe on the Split Rail Fence



This is Hitty Agathe, sitting on the fence in Beacon Hill Park.




We like this time of year when the grasses have grown so tall.  The park doesn’t mow till late summer so the wildflowers have a chance to store up energy for the winter…




6 thoughts on “Agathe on the Split Rail Fence

    • Everything is new to Agathe! She is enjoying the trips to work with me, but we both especially like the walking home part…so nice to experience the season’s slow turning, and observe the plants and animals going about the businesses of their lives.

  1. Agathe looks so well in that pinafore. It is good to know that she’s firmly on the fence. Extremism is for Barbies! (Love that fence!) tcv

    • The pinafore was horrendous to make – springy polyester and all, but the Hittys all love it. I think it has made the rounds of most of the Quimper Hittys but seems to have settled on Agathe for now. We are not a very extremist doll family, except for perhaps Mary Ann who has been known to hand out tracts to wayward insects…Click here to see

  2. Agathe looks perfect in the pinny, a good color for her. It is haying time here on the farm so the tall grasses are being cut and baled. Quite an operation and fun to watch. It is now easier (possible) to stroll about the fields checking on the things we have not been able to get to for a couple of months. Enjoyed your photo of the lovely Agathe.

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