Heave-Ho (shipwreck 3)

1-Heave-Ho (4)Min and Agathe have had quite a strenuous afternoon getting the treasure chest back to the Hitty Cupboard. Both pushing and pulling were hard work….

1-Heave-Ho (1)…but they persisted…



Heave-Ho…and eventually they borrowed a wobbly rusted wheelbarrow…



Heave-Ho…and enlisted more Hitty help at the doorstep.



10 thoughts on “Heave-Ho (shipwreck 3)

  1. Oh this just keeps getting better. The pics of them getting that chest home are priceless! And enlisting some of their siblings for help…brilliant. Tooooo cute!!

  2. Looks like it was Min’s idea to get the chest home. Her sisters are always willing to go along with whatever she want to do. They all love her and her cute ideas..

    • Min does have very persuasive ways about her. Agathe seems not immune to her schemes, and I am a bit concerned about what Tatty will get up to if I ever get a chance to make her some clothes!

  3. Helppppppp! We are a little lost as we have been travelling but, somehow, we ended up being left in our travel bag for the whole six weeks and have lost the plot in all the blogs we follow.
    We will soon be home and have crept out to see if we can catch up on the doings of other Hittys.
    It looks as though you had a more interesting summer than we did and will be spending this weekend reading of your doings – if humans don’t ut us back into the travel bag….
    Hitty Hugs,
    Mary and Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty

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