Dandelion Clocks

Dandelion Clocks

Dandelion Clocks

Sometimes the girls have thrilling adventures in boats, culinary adventures in the kitchen or squelchy adventures in bogs, but lovely fun can be had in our own front yard with the last of the dandelion clocks!

No sea spray, dirty dishes or muddy boots to clean up this time!




6 thoughts on “Dandelion Clocks

  1. “Dandelion Clocks” sounds so civilized! At our house they are called “blow flowers” because they fly away when you blow on them. I believe the name was invented by a two-year-old those many years ago.

    • We do have a household of civilised Hittys – no untoward behaviour around here, except for that incident with Claude Hopper and a bit too much gaiety…we’ll just forget about that, shall we?
      Two-year-olds have the very best wordsmithing abilities!!!

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