Tansy Camps

Beach Morning

Tansy and her Archaeologist companions traveled to Yeatman Bay and stayed there for this phase of the project.



Hollow Tree

She thought she might have to sleep in a hollow tree…



Spring board notch

…and this old stump was almost big enough for an archaeologist to sleep in! The springboard notch was about the right size for Tansy…



old stump

…but in fact her favourite photographer’s tent was big enough for two!



Guy lines

Tansy helped set it up.



Archaeologists hard at work *


Everyone worked hard all day!!

(* thanks to Jenny for the photo)




Tansy helped to make dinner!



Beach Sunset

At the end of the day, everyone was pretty tired!


To get to this location, the archaeologists had to travel by boat at high tide, from the lab area to the camp site…click on the link below to see their “commute”…we recommend expanding the video to full view to get the full effect!



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