A Journal for Opal

Flicker Feather

Flicker Feather

During their recent marsh meanderings Opal and Agathe found a beautiful feather, shed by a yellow-shafted Flicker…this inspired the Quimper Hitty’s human to create a special gift for Opal, with the feather playing an important ancillary rôle .



Hand Made Book

Hand Made Book

The human has always wanted to make hand bound books, and decided to try making a very small one for Opal, with cloth covers the same as her pinafore fabric.

Pretty Endpapers

Pretty Endpapers

Opal is keen to start transcribing her Quimper Adventures…



Day One

Day One

Opal hopes to keep notes about her travels and adventures, and collect recipes and ephemera so she can remember all the fun in the Quimper Hitty cupboard.

16 thoughts on “A Journal for Opal

  1. Dear Opal, I don’t know what your “normal” life is like, but it seems to me that your journal will be filled with wonderful adventures and you may just end up a tad spoiled! Enjoy it all, we certainly do!

    • Opal is certainly having a lot of fun with the Quimper Hittys, but her original family is quite adventurous too! I think she is the kind of doll can withstand spoiling, even after 50,00 years in a bog there is no evidence of it!

  2. What a creative, thoughtful companion to Opal’s adventures with Agathe and the QHs. Agathe’s human looks to have done a great job creating the little journal.,,sweet!

  3. Opal is one lucky traveller! A journal is such a good idea. She has very neat handwriting – it seems she was well schooled in Oregon in preparation for her adventures.

  4. What a beautiful little book! I hope Opal has been practicing her handwriting – such a responsibility to write in such a lovely journal.

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