Wedding Guests

Wedding Guests

We experienced wedding fun all weekend!  The live MET broadcast of Mozart’s  Marriage of Figaro  was the Star Cinema presentation on Saturday morning!! What a lot of fun it was to watch! While sitting in comfortable theatre seats, we marvelled at the gorgeous revolving set, listened to spectacular singing and laughed at lots of shenanigans leading up to a happy ending…and of course, enjoyed slices of pizza at the intermission! 

The other nuptial events this weekend included an actual wedding held at the Star Cinema. It was going on next door in the left-hand theatre while we indulged our operatic fancies in the right hand theatre.  Although we didn’t attend the Star Cinema wedding, we loved the idea that it was taking place at the same time as the Opera! On Saturday afternoon Constance and I participated in a Wedding Rehearsal and on Sunday, a Joyful Wedding on a glorious sunny Sunday October afternoon!

The picture above was taken in September when Constance (in her new hat) and Mungo came to yet another wedding with me. At that one the bride was lovely, the groom wore a kilt, and the dolls and humans had fun!



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8 thoughts on “Weddings

  1. Love the photo of Mungo and Constance together…they’ve really captured the moment in their expressions and clothing. Thanks for sharing such happiness.

    • They enjoyed this wedding very much! It was a long way away from the Hitty cupboard, and Constance was particularly excited to find this gorgeous Weddingy hat in the craft shops while we waited for our ferry!

  2. what a perfect dress and chapeau on our dear Constance. She looks prepared to greet the Queen Mother herself! And of course Mungo is the very epitome or sartorial elegance in his very stylish kilt! Lovely photos and what a good time was had by all at the opera and the weddings.

    • Mungo took his chaperoning duties very seriously! The wedding yesterday was delightful, and the music was “the Wedding March” from Wagner’s Opera Loengrin. All in all this weekend was a grand combination of opera and matrimony!

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