A Bound Book for Hitty

Tatty Reads

Tatty Reads

Little Wooden Dolls find reading just as pleasurable as humans do in the Quimper Hitty household. We are lucky enough to get regular infusions of literature from a Hitty Friend, but decided to try our hand at making our own books.

The following gallery shows the steps we took to make a small 32 page bound book with four sewn signatures, and pictures on both sides of each leaf. Click on any image to get into the gallery, and use left and right arrows to navigate back and forth.


The human has always wanted to make hand bound books, and decided to try making  very small ones for the Hittys.  The first ones are blank, like Opal’s journal, but recent experiments have  included pictures…Getting pictures into the right place right side up is no mean feat!


13 thoughts on “A Bound Book for Hitty

  1. What a great post – so much detail. Your photos are excellent. I expect the Hitty universe to be flooded with sewn Hitty sized books in the next few weeks!

  2. you are so neat and precise…I am not so neat and not nearly so precise but I shall give this a try. Your photos and explanations are wonderful. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I too thank you, for these detailed instructions. We’ve done this type of thing on a human level.. but,.like an Olympic star, you make it look easy for doll size. Thanks so much!

    • My favourite pincushion – the Hittys are fond of him too! Coptic stitch books are very nice – I’ve made a couple of “Photo Albums” for Hitty that way…I really wanted to try a book with signatures and cloth bindings, and am really happy with the way it turned out!

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