Finnish Independence Day 2014

Two Candles in the Window

Two Candles in the Window

kuin raskaan lumen painama oksa:
Joko kestän
tai katkean,
mutta toukokuun tullen
jossakin kukkii oksa

-Tommy Tabermann

 Two candles in the window is an Independence Day Tradition in Finland.  It was a signal that people would find a safe haven in the house during times of oppression.

Happy 97 years of Independence, Finland!

On Finnish Independence Day 2011 Constance and Tansy became involved in a great Reindeer Saga.  Starting from the bottom, the entire story can be seen by following this link

A very nice on-line Finnish Advent Calendar can be found here



9 thoughts on “Finnish Independence Day 2014

  1. Happy Independence Day! Greetings and Love to the country of white lilies 🙂 Many years ago I read a book about Finland, I can’t remember now, but I have to search my library. I remembered this, the land of white lilies… Thank you, love, nia

    • Thanks very much, on behalf of my Finnish ancestors…The Land of White Lilies looks like an interesting book, about life in rural Finland, written by Grigory Petrov in 1923. It is not available in English or Spanish, so I can’t read it, unfortunately.

      • I can’t find it anymore in here too. I read it many years ago and it was lost, maybe I gave someone and didn’t come back again. But really so beautiful book I never forget. You are welcome, and Thank you, love, nia

  2. Oh Happy Independence Day. My brother has been to Finland and was quite taken with the land and the people and their very interesting history. I just reread the great Reindeer saga….what fun!!

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