Gingerbread Dalahäst Cake

Tin Bathtub

Tin Bathtub

Some delightful IKEA cake tins have appeared, and Min thinks she has convinced Opal and Agathe that they are new funny-shaped bathtubs.

Joy of Cooking, page 636

1972 Joy of Cooking, page 636

They humour her for a bit, however they are not really fooled, and luckily they are in the mood for baking today!

Need Help Stirring!

Need Help Stirring!

Min needs help with this big bowl of sticky eggs, sugar and molasses..

Agathe pitches in


Agathe pitches in…

Dry engredients


…while Opal wields the olive-wood spoon!

Gingerbread Horse!

Gingerbread Horse!

They are pretty happy with the Gingerbread result!

Somebody's Birthday!

Somebody’s Birthday!

The littlest human in the family turns Two today – Thanks for your help, girls!!


21 thoughts on “Gingerbread Dalahäst Cake

    • She has her own Hitty Dulcie that she can play with when she visits – she does recognise Hitty as a special kind of doll, but just at the moment her favourite thing to do is disrobe them!

  1. Not only did they make a beautiful cake, but it was very tasty too. It was a delight to watch the little one blow out the candles for the first time! And to hear her tell of other recent happy day events, like her youngest uncle’s birthday last week, with emphasis on ‘happy’.

  2. hard to believe the littlest one is already 2! This cake is great fun. And as always the “girls” are so helpful and so photogenic!!

    • I can hardly believe it either, but it’s true! She is quite the little individual, and loves coming here to play with her Hitty Dulcie…The wooden girls are sometimes nervous but she is very well supervised and so far has treated her Dulcie very kindly!

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