Agathe and Opal have been anticipating another exciting celestial event.  They have been peering animatedly at the southeast sky at sundown for the last few evenings, but all they have seen up till now was a full moon on some nights and fog on the others.

Tonight, though, their persistence paid off, and gazing towards the right of the star Rigel (the bright star at the bottom right of Orion), they are pretty sure they have spotted comet C/2011 W3, otherwise known as Lovejoy!

10 thoughts on “Comet-gazing

    • We are happy! But it looks like it is all cloudy again tonight, so it is lucky we got spotted it last night. I think it will be visible for another week or two, but it was closest to the sun last Wednesday so it will now be getting fainter.

  1. very interesting and a great photo. We have been viewing the full moon and venus as they rise over the wooded hills . And yes the skies are always a source of wonder.

    • Well, ahem, the photo might possibly have been *coff coff* adjusted for increased visibility, but we DID see a small blur in the right location which was Probably the comet…I admit that I’m not an astronomical photographer at all!

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