Dulcie’s Coral Necklace

Something Missing

Something Missing

The very observant smallest human in the family noticed that my Hitty Constance had a necklace and her Hitty Dulcie did not…


Coral for Dulcie

Coral for Dulcie

We were quick to remedy the situation!





 Dulcie feels like a proper Hitty now!


The beads in Constance’s necklace are real coral, but must have been dyed, as they have faded with time.  They were purchased in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, eight years ago. Dulcie’s necklace is made from the same string of beads and are still a pink colour, but will eventually fade too we expect…

10 thoughts on “Dulcie’s Coral Necklace

  1. Oh! lucky Dulcie. I wonder if the smallest human will notice – I expect she will.

    It is very interesting to see the before- and after-fading shots for the coral. That was one sneaky vendor Constance dealt with in her birth-town. Considering she was newly made, it is not surprising she didn’t notice.

  2. Well, whether Constance noticed the dealings in her early days in regards to her corals, I’d say both her’s and Dulcie’s necklaces are both quite, quite lovely. Dulcie is such a sweetie.

  3. Well done, Little One, and well done, Grandmamma! Dulcie and Constance both look so fetching in their necklaces. Perhaps, Constance’s beads have ‘ripened’ into their gentle true nature, rather like their owner 🙂

    • I was happy to be able to fix the problem so easily, and am grateful to the little human for pointing out the deficiency! We like the Hittys and their beads, however they started and wherever they end up!

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