Cherry Blossom

Sweet Treat

Sweet Treat

Though it is a tad early for the botanical kind of cherry blossom, Carline got a sweet treat from the Hittys favourite photographer…


Mountain of Chocolate

Mountain of Chocolate

Carved from Cherry wood, Carline appreciated the mountain of Chocolate with a cherry inside, but she thought it seemed a bit more than she could manage to eat on her own.



Enough for friends

Enough for friends

Fortunately a couple of friends volunteered to help her out!





10 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom

  1. This is another episode of Quimper Hitty household cheer. Your photos are extravagantly full of melt in your mouth delight. I always feel like I’m right there, being nurtured in doll play. Thank you!

  2. At one time in a fairly distant past these were my favourite chocolates. I suspect the recipe and/or ingredients have changed in the past few decades or Carline would have found a way to eat it all herself!

  3. a sweet series of photos in every sense of the word. Love Tatty’s enthusiasm for her portion of the treat. Really like the little box it came in also. Have never seen that before.

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