Textile Project update

Follow your arrow shawl

Follow your arrow shawl

The Textile Projects are continuing to amuse us – a winter shawl is coming along… I am doing a knit-along mystery pattern from Isolde on Ravelry – you get an option of two patterns once a week, so the result at the end depends on which of the patterns you choose. I am going for the simplest patterns, and am very grateful that I have help from the genius knitting daughter of the family.  Since the Hittys noticed that it is not going to be a Hitty shawl they have been a bit disgruntled, but Rose helpfully hands me the stitch markers (with only a tiny  humph).

pile of fabric

pile of fabric

…I haven’t made any progress on the textile scraps, but they will definitely be Hitty-related…


Hitty Sleeping Bags

Hitty Sleeping Bags

…The Hittys were overjoyed when I finally finished the Hitty sleeping bags…


Oh Drat

Oh Drat

…but were doomed to disappointment again.


The Hittys favourite photographer however, was happy to get his socks at last!


14 thoughts on “Textile Project update

  1. I was thinking today how marvelous your postings are. The richness of culture, color, nature, doll activity, opera notes (after hearing an operatic diva speak on NPR this morning), etc….how very rich we are having the Quimper Hittys around! Lovely shawl and socks!

    • That is so true, I will pass on that pearl of wisdom! The Hittys are fairly used to textile creations disappearing from the house, and they are almost resigned about the sleeping bags. There may be enough yarn left for a blanket…

  2. Laughing over the sleeping bags…oops…SOCKS!! Very fun. I imagine your shawl will be stunning when you are done. Fun postings, thank you!!

  3. Loyal Photographer is a great man and great photographer, and I’m sure the Hittys appreciate all he does for you and for them!!

  4. The socks are wonderful but I can imagine the Hittys were very disappointed. That shawl looks like it is going to be beautiful. As for the fabric, I am sure they will be delighted with whatever is made from that.

  5. That is a beautiful pattern for the shawl and those socks look so warm and comfy. Rose Min Constance and the other girls look very happy with this project.

    • The shawl is a fun project, it is almost time to post an update…the photographer is very happy with his new warm socks, and the girls are now enjoying the experiments with the cloth scraps too!

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