Shawl and Scraps



The knit-along mystery shawl from Isolde on Ravelry is getting so big, it is hard to show the pattern repeats, but I like what I see as it emerges! The Hittys are resigned to it not being a doll-size shawl and are happy to cuddle up in the cosy knitting.



Meanwhile the textile scraps have been metamorphosing into petticoats…


Pretty and functional

Pretty and functional

…and aprons…




…and nightgowns.


The scraps of cloth used to be a human-sized nightgown! The Quimper Hitty human has been hoping her nightgown would wear out, but alas it seems to be very well made.  She found these large scraps being offered up as cleaning rags, and rescued several of them for Hitty delectation!


12 thoughts on “Shawl and Scraps

  1. You have transformed those “scraps” into lovely wardrobe items. That shawl is going to be wonderful…it already is. I also have a LL Bean nightgown that seems to be indestructible!! I have noticed the Hittys eyeing it but so far it is all mine!!

  2. That scarf is turning out to be a beauty for a lucky human. Even if the girls cannot wear it, they sure are helping with it. Glad some of the scrap pieces could be used for hitty clothing instead of rags. Another lovely print on the fabric.

    • I do love that fabric, and appreciate it especially because of the design that is woven into it. The Hittys are always very encouraging and appreciative, no matter what project I am working on!

    • My knitting is getting better! I knit with the yarn in my left hand, the way my Swedish Aunt taught me. Some times where the yarn seems like it is in the wrong place, like when turning short rows, but all in all I think it is going to be a very nice shawl!

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