February Cookies of Love (2)

Rouge Décors

Rouge Décors

Opal shakes the coloured sugar jar…

White Chocolate "Paint"

White Chocolate “Paint”

…onto the Cookies of Love, which Agathe has painted with melted white chocolate.

The first 16

The first 20

They find it a tiring but productive process!

Realization Dawns

Realization Dawns

The Block sisters have made a tactical error……

A Conundrum

A Conundrum

…and find themselves painted into a corner, so to speak.



At least they won’t go hungry while they figure out how to solve this dilemma.


14 thoughts on “February Cookies of Love (2)

  1. SWEET!! In every way! Love the girls and those cookies. Such a cute entry. Enjoyed all of it but now wish I had a cookie….or three!

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