February Tulips

So High!

So High!

Opal and Agathe think their tulip garden is growing rather slowly,




Though you can now see the unfurling of the leaves…



They hope this vase of gorgeous tulips will be incentive to their laggardly flowers…



And here is a dash of colour for anyone else who is waiting for spring!



15 thoughts on “February Tulips

  1. That’s a gorgeous site for one waking up to another 20 inches or so of new snow!!!! Thank you sooooooo much for this precious ray of sunshine!

  2. Yes, these are beautiful reminders that Spring will happen in our colder spots of the world. Our amaryllis leaves are making their way out of the pot now too…it’s always a boost to one’s sun deprived world.

  3. daffodils are up about 3″ but might have snow tomorrow so my girls told those daffies to be patient and slow down!!
    Love that wonderful vase of tulips…made me smile! thank you

  4. The tulips are gorgeous! They look especially nice to those of us that will be in the midst of a blizzard here on the east coast tomorrow! Hitty Fae sends her regards to Hitty Perdita. She wishes we lived closer so she could sit near the tulips and sample some of the Valentine cookies!

  5. Ah yes, South America would be a good place to be now. We already have 30″ of snow on the ground, so we really don’t need another foot of the white stuff. Being on the coast, we do not usually get this much snow, but this has been an unusual winter. Hitty Fae is curled up near the fireplace.

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