Half-Pint Hitty Goes to Washington

Hitty gets to take her couch

Little Hitty gets to take her couch

Little green-dress Half-pint girl is on her way to her new home in Washington DC. She is taking along a funny unpainted wooden couch, with burned-on speckles and words.

The couch once resided in a dollhouse made in the 1930’s for my mother and her sister.  My great Uncle Henry built the dollhouse, and he and Great Aunt Lucille furnished it.  The dollhouse itself is long gone, but my grandmother salvaged a few bits of furniture which have ended up with me.  The couch and the wee green-dressed doll are now going to live with my mother’s sister’s grand-daughter, whose ninth birthday is in March.


The two remaining half-pints are sad to see their little friend go, but wish her many adventures and fun times with her new family!



14 thoughts on “Half-Pint Hitty Goes to Washington

  1. You’ve made truly endearing episodes with the incoming and outgoing of these half-pints…I’ve really enjoyed all of what they’ve brought to the Quimper Hittys and the rest of us.

  2. What a magical birthday your little relation is going to have! I think that she should call her half pint Hitty Lucille Henrietta! I love the little sofa. I wonder why it has ‘Washington, DC’ on it? But how perfect that it’s going back to Washington. Will the half pint Hittys be staying in touch with one another? We can hope….

    • I was so happy to pass the little couch on to a little relation, the dollhouse belonged to her grandmother too, (my mother’s sister) and it is just perfectly perfect that the she now lives in Washington DC!

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