Lucia Di Lammermoor



Going to a live Opera on stage is a major event in the Quimper Hitty cupboard, at least as far as Constance is concerned.  Last night we attended a performance of Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor, a horribly tragic opera by Donizetti, based on a very lamentful poem by Sir Walter Scott.

The opera’s most famous moment is the “Mad Scene” in act 2, and our Lucia (Tracy Dahl) wrung her bloody hands and rent her hair most convincingly, while singing with lovely coloratura finesse.  In some versions of the opera she sings the entire aria in her blood-drenched nightgown, but in this slightly squeamish production, she had a more tasteful spatter of drops.  I did suggest Constance pose for an operatic scene in her linen nightgown, but she was not enthusiastic about it.

It seems unkind to complain about anything, since we appreciate the effort that goes into any operatic or theatrical performance, but the costumes were horrible.  Having set the opera in the early 1940’s, all the women looked dull and frumpy, and the only outfits worth admiring were the kilts that kept popping up here and there, and the beautiful dark red 18th Century gown worn by a mysterious ghost in the first act.

We did enjoy our night out though, and look forward to POV’s Madame Butterfly, when we hope to see a kimono or two.

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11 thoughts on “Lucia Di Lammermoor

  1. You will love Madame Butterfly, We saw it several years ago in Tulsa. The colors in the kimonos were so bright and colorful. Hope you have a great time. Hitty Anne and Joann

  2. Well by the sounds of it Constance outshone the whole cast costume wise! As you say it is a shame when the effect is lost with not enough thought or effort is put into the costumes. Glad you enjoyed it otherwise though.

    • I think they were doing something artsy, but there was altogether too much black and dinge for me, though it did make the kilt colours pop! Oh well, the music was of course very beautiful, and Lucia’s duet with the flute very pitiful.

  3. how odd to have it set in the 1940’s…not exactly an era of great fashion!! However as always Constance saves the day! Altho I personally think a scene with her in her linen nightie might be a visual feast!!

  4. I think Australian soprano Joan Sutherland, made this opera famous in the early 1960’s by her performance as Lucia…..She sings beautifully in the mad scene…..Thank you Constance – Even with the bloody nightgown, this is a beautiful opera.

      • Yes of course – the singing is beautiful – We watched the video of this opera some years ago and I still remember some of it. Constance brings back those memories.

    • The Rorschach set was awesome! Some people objected to that as well, but we have a rather small theatre (no giant RORO scene-changes here). I find it interesting to see how small companies manage! I work in a museum so and deal with similar issues when constructing just the right ambience in a restricted situation.

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