English Daisies



Our Hitty friend Madge was frolicking recently in the bluebell woods near her house in the UK.  Rose and Hattie thought frolicking sounded like fun but the bluebell flowers are rather ‘past it’ around here…

A field of Daisies

A field of Daisies

…but they did find a glorious field of English Daisies.  Hittys like these as they are a not as overwhelming in scale compared to some flowers.

A Beauty

A Beauty

Rose thought she’d like to sit in the flowers all afternoon!

A little raw materials

A little raw material

Hattie collected a few and twisted their stems together into a crown…

Queen of the May

Queen of the May

…and Rose has turned into the Queen of the May!



7 thoughts on “English Daisies

  1. Oh, these are glorious photos. You’ve really captured “the Queen” and “lady” in a very pleasant place in their “kingdom”. Thanks for sharing such pretty photos.

  2. ohhh flowers! We LOVE flowers here at the Country Hittys. Great pics and what fun the girls are having. the crown is quite a nice touch. I think we would have to make dandelion crowns at this time.

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