Dawn Chorus Day 2016

Dawn Adventure

Dawn Adventure

Happy first Sunday in May! Among other things, it is International Dawn Chorus Day – a morning to celebrate the glorious music of songbirds as they greet the new day.  It does require getting out of bed one hour before sunrise, so it isn’t for everyone. (Click Here to find out about how people all over the world participate in this event).

A listening spot

A listening spot

At 4:51, Min convinced Carrot Soup and Tatty to get up and find a lovely listening spot…

Glorious Music

Glorious Music

In the beautiful sweet spring air, they listened to a joyful noise.





And afterwards warmed themselves up with (very early) morning tea.

Min is named after the Bush Tit, Psaltriparus minimus. This is a sweet little bird that flits about in groups of 20 or so, mobbing our suet feeder a couple of times a day all winter.  Psaltriparus means “born singing”. Small wonder this is one of Min’s favourite days of the year!



12 thoughts on “Dawn Chorus Day 2016

    • It is a heartening time of year – all the birds are singing so too, it seems a shame not to go out and appreciate the chorus at least once, even if it is at 4-something am

  1. What a wonderful way to start the month of May. Your pictures are exquisite; they’re great pictures of the dawn…expectation in the “girls” body language.

    • They were so eager and attentive, somehow. I find Hittys to be very good company on my little meanderings, none of the humans I know were interested in this expedition for some reason!

  2. What a beautiful way to celebrate songbirds. Quimper Hitty…you are so special.

    Birds by Jessica Powers (1956)

    That God made birds is surely in His favor.
    I write them as His courtesies of love.
    Hidden in leaves, they offer me sweet savor
    Of lightsome music; when they streak above

    my garden wall they brush my scene with color.
    They are embroideries upon the grass.
    I write the gayest stitched-in blossoms duller
    than birds which change their patterns as I pass.

    I nurse a holy envy of St. Francis who
    lured the birds to nestle at his breast.
    Yet I am grateful for this one which dances
    across my lawn, a reckless anapest.

    Subjects for gratitude push up my living
    praise to a sum that tempts the infinite;
    but birds deserve one whole psalm of thanksgiving
    and these words are my antiphon for it.

    • Thank you for the lovely poem – the Quimper Hittys are especially delighted with the textile references – we shall now think of birds as “embroideries upon the grass”. Truly, poetry can be an illuminating view of the world!

  3. How lovely to know the origin of Min’s name. The birds here at the farm are in full voice of late. My favorite is always the turtle dove. I think their song is the very essence of summer. Your photos of the girls are delightful.

  4. I just love the second picture taken of the girls sitting on a log right before sunrise is phenomenal.
    It is my all time favorite pic of them. Your blog gives me great joy.
    Mary y and the rock hill hittys

    • Thank you very much – the girls were feeling quite photogenic that morning! Min and I were quite happy to have Tatty and Carrot Soup along on this early morning adventure – more friends means more fun!

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