Towers of Flowers

White Horse Chestnut blossoms

White Horse Chestnut blossoms

Hitty Constance has noticed that the Chestnut Trees, in avenues and singly, are frothing with flowers…

Pink Chestnut Blossoms

Pink Chestnut Blossoms

…the flowers cover the trees in towering cones, either white with pink blushes or pink with yellow blushes. These pretty flower towers turn into the conker cones of autumn…

Sweet Chestnuts Preserved

Sweet Chestnuts Preserved

Unfortunately the chestnuts here in Victoria seem to all be Horse Chestnut trees, but Constance has the means to satisfy her sudden chestnut craving!



8 thoughts on “Towers of Flowers

    • Aren’t they lovely! The humans have very fond memories walking to work through Bushy Park, when the human worked in Hampton Court Palace – this time of year there were magnificent Avenues of Chestnuts in bloom, but they were sadly decimated in the great Hurricane of 1987. Perhaps the replacements have grown tall by now – that was nigh on 30 years ago – eep!

  1. We had a large horse chestnut tree in our yard when I was a child. Nice to see those beautiful flowers again. We made bracelets from the chestnuts in the Fall. So long ago. Thanks for the pictures and the memories.

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