Walrus Cam

Walrus Cam

Constance sometimes finds herself at a loose end when the opera season is over, but this year she was introduced to a new hobby by the Hittys favourite photographer – walrus-watching.

Tusks galore

Tusks galore

Constance hasn’t had much luck converting any of the Quimper Hittys into Opera Fans, but when she invited Opal and Agathe to view the entertainment, the girls were riveted!   Not a lot seems to happen, but the girls are amused and strangely fascinated. Opal is glad that they didn’t have to retrieve her message-in-a-bottle from that beach!!


Click here for the Alaska walrus-cam website! And this blog describes a visitor’s experiences on Round Island.


11 thoughts on “Walrus

  1. Pure luck it was that the cheese arrived on May 25th!!!! I didn’t know about Constance’s birthday, but I am glad it arrived timely for the occasion! Thank you for the ray of sunshine you put in my days dear friend!!!!! A great big hug and tell Constance to enjoy the cheese! Big hug, Claire

    Envoyé de mon iPad


  2. Here in the Midwestern USA, one would never have thought of walrus watching as a new hobby! How very interesting.

  3. No walruses in Missouri but the Country HIttys were also strangely fascinated by the sight of all those large bodies…I think they were also a tad alarmed. Thank you for the heads up on this new hobby.

  4. Gosh they do get up to some strange and interesting things – anything to do with nature has to be good though and very interesting when the walrus are active no doubt.

    • The most activity we’ve seen so far is the walruses heaving themselves in or out of the water, but they do roll around a bit, and poke each other occasionally. We did see one silly walrus sleeping with its head propped up on its tusks – that was amusing.

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