The Message

Dear Opal

Dear Opal

Opal, Agathe and Min have extracted a message from the mysterious bottle they found rolling about in a tide pool…

Thank You!

Yes Please, and Thank You!

We hadn’t realised that people who travel by sea still communicate by bottle post, nor that it is so efficient – far more than we ever could have imagined.

The bottle was obviously directed to our beach on purpose, because the message inside read:

Dear Opal,  I am convinced that you would HATE to come back to a household overpopulated by Hittys, especially as there would be no block-twin and no handmade underwear.  Could you possibly ask Agathe to enquire of the Quimper Hitty humans if they could find it in their hearts to give you a permanent home?  It would be a great relief to me as I would never be able to spoil you in the manner to which you have become accustomed,  sincerely your Carve-human




The Quimper Hitty humans did not have to look very far into their hearts to find a resounding YES!!!

The Hittys are overjoyed…this calls for a major celebration involving cookies and chocolate !!!






19 thoughts on “The Message

  1. There’s nothing quite like the smile induced by the Quimper Hitty’s doings to start a day off … the Wrens thank the Quimpers and their human 🙂 Très charmant … a well executed mystery (the difficulties of replying to this on the two levels required!!) … so beautifully photographed. we like the extra detail with the driftwood helping to retrieve the mysterious bottle .. and the joyful news implied therein, and the chocolatery celebrations!

    • This little gang will be well-fuelled for more fun, they firmly believe good news is best celebrated with cookies and chocolate. We were so surprised when we found the bottle, and so glad the resourceful Opal fished it out, and so filled with joy at the message therein!

  2. Wonderful for the Quimper Hitties to have block sisters together. Just like twins! . The unique message system was wonderful! Yes celebrations are for sure in order!

    • Coming from the same piece of gigantic 40,000 year old tree, there was a good chance that one could have ended up as a piece of furniture and the other a guitar-top! Not only are they both dolls, but now both get to stay together – Opal and Agathe are beyond happy!

    • Oh! Thank you for your finger and toe-crossing on behalf of the Quimper Hittys. They didn’t think of trying to influence fate, and of course their little wooden fingers and toes can’t cross, so I am sure it was helpful!

    • We all marvelled at the news too! Opal has been a delight and a joy, if a somewhat rambunctious influence… her block-twin Agathe is absolutely beside herself with relief!

    • Thank you!!! Opal greets each day with glee, and it may be infectious…there are many squeaks now coming from the Hitty cupboard. The Quimper Hittys also seem to be jumping for joy, or else there is a mini concert going on with marimba and Spanish castanets!

  3. I am so happy that Opal won’t be parted from her kindred spirits and carve and block sisters! I was sad to think of her having to trundle away. Such a happy message! I am sure that the bottle will be placed in a spot of honour in the Hitty cupboard!!!! Hurrah!

    • I think it is Opal’s favourite flower vase now – and she is thinking of framing the delightful note…she is very happy to stay in our cupboard and truly become one of the Quimper Hittys!

  4. Absolutely wonderful news. what a wonderful message from Opal’s carve mother. I know that Agathe and Opal are celebrating this good fortune as are all of their followers. Very selfishly I am quite happy that I will be able to see future photos and read of more adventures concerning these delightful little wooden people. HURRAH!!!

  5. Oh my , what absolutely wonderful news! I can well imagine the joy in the Quimper Hitty household and how kind of Opal’s carve mother to let her stay. This is so heart warming.

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