King Kamehameha Day 2015

M Pinafores (3)

Sedate Summer Afternoon Tea

 Some of the Hitty sisters delight in sedate activities on Summer afternoons, drinking cups of tea and wearing dainty pinafores.

Muumuus and Leis

Muumuus and Lei

But it is June 11th, so some of the others others are having a beach Party in their new Hawaiian dresses and lei.

flowers and bright cloth

flowers and bright cloth

Today is  King Kamehameha day in Hawaii! People there are draping statues of King Kamehameha with lei and having Hula competitions

Cast away!

Cast away!

The Quimper Hittys are having other kinds of fun – a couple of the adventurous ones were temporarily cast away on a tide pool rock…

Polynesian Canoe

Polynesian Outrigger Canoe

…and they admired the model double-outrigger Polynesian Canoe (wishing it were slightly larger so they could have a little sail in it).

Not a Sedate Summer Afternoon Tea!

Not a Sedate Summer Afternoon Tea

They all had a great time!



Happy King Kamehameha Day!

Happy King Kamehameha Day!

The Aotearoa Kauri wood girls particularly enjoyed this celebration, honouring a Polynesian King!

15 thoughts on “King Kamehameha Day 2015

  1. What a lovely life the QHs and QH human family lead….celebrations abound, color, nature and smiles. Thanks for letting us in on another day in your lives.

  2. What a fun entry in the on going Quimper HItty adventures. A new holiday to learn about and wonderful Hittys in Island frocks…what could be better?

      • They are both so similar! As you know I love them both – I would do so probably however they looked, being Kauri or course, but they are both very special and I was so pleased to hear that they could remain inseparable. Such a great pair.

  3. They sure would be cute dancing “Little Brown Girl” Hula! I still remember how to dance it from 1962! Love their celebration! Thank you for their stories that brighten our days!

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