June Sunset

Beach Trail

Beach Trail

Opal, and Agathe went to the beach to try and catch the sunset.

Scrambling Up

Scrambling Up

The girls scrambled up the boulders…

Glacial Striations

Glacial Striations

…found a good perch on the glacial striations…

June Sunset

June Sunset

…and watched the sun go down.


12 thoughts on “June Sunset

  1. The QHs seem to lead a restful life. Beach trips, long grasses, strawberries, trees…I guess one couldn’t expect otherwise for wooden people. They gravitate towards their own. Thanks for posting these serene photos.

  2. well I for one am quite surprised that Opal and Agathe were so calm…and did not get into even one ounce of mischief!! Were they tired from a long day of play and Hitty chores??
    Great photos by the way…love your sunset and the beach scenes.

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