Walrus Carpentering



Constance’s walrus obsession has not abated. She can’t help sneaking looks at the live walrus-cam in Alaska, and being impressed at the lugubrious ungainly terrestrial locomotion compared to their grace and buoyancy when swimming! Click here for the live walrus Cam, but beware… you may become addicted to them too!



Quimper Hitty human made a special little bedside table to celebrate Constance’s dedication to wildlife.

Faux scrimshaw

Faux scrimshaw

A disc of decorated fimo was inserted into a perforated disc-shaped piece of fibreboard and this assemblage glued onto a cotton reel…

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Now Constance will have sweet walrusey dreams!!


10 thoughts on “Walrus Carpentering

  1. Faux scrimshaw..just perfect for Constance’s bedside table! Very clever and quite artistic! I’d say talent, unlike walrus on ground, runs in her family!!!!

    • We love furniture made with cotton reels! It was quite a production though – the hard part was getting someone to cut the fibreboard the right shape, but then making the fimo to fit in the doughnut hole was easy…The walrus-design was suggested by Constance.

    • I just fixed a broken link to the walrus cam – hopefully it is working now, though the sun isn’t up yet in Alaska as I write this! It should be nice and walrus-y pretty soon…

  2. What a perfect bedroom for Hitty Constance! She must have read the book several times and suggested the way she wanted the bedroom decorated.

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