Tansy comes home again




After several weeks hanging about with Archaeologists in the field, Tansy was very glad to get home again.

Happy Homecoming

Happy Homecoming

The Hittys picked her a homecoming bouquet,

Girls in Pants

Girls in Pants

…and Tansy was especially glad to meet Gráinne – she is looking forward to getting to know the new girl who isn’t afraid to wear trousers once in a while!


Dirty Girl Soap

Dirty Girl Soap

But first she wants a wash!


12 thoughts on “Tansy comes home again

  1. She was excellent company in the field, a good worker and wonderful personality to keep everyone cheerful!

    I am hoping she wants to come out on the next trip, even though I leave in two days so hardly time catch her breath (or mine). How can she say no to a second (or is it a third) trip in one year to Haida Gwaii and Gwaii Haanas?

  2. Oh,la!la!!!! That must be soooooooooo good! Rugged life is wonderful but there sure is something to be said about coming home to a few luxuries…

  3. Hmmm…. is it possible that Tansy’s Favorite Photographer could tote along a ‘camp bath’ for intrepid Tansy? Even without it, it probably would be too hard for her to turn down the invitation to continue her explorations. I hope she says yes and that Favorite Photographer will continue to take his wonderful photos of Tansy in action! Safe travels!

    • The Quadra project was fairly civilised, in a bunkhouse and with showers etc. Water restrictions reduced the washing opportunities and there were no baths at all! She’s glad to get home, but she’ll soon be off again!

  4. I am sure that after her bubble bath she will be raring to return to the field. and I will be eager to read of her further adventures with the HIttys photographer.

    • She is raring to go back – she loves the adventure, and she loves the company. All the girls are excited for her, there are always good stories in the Hitty cupboard when she is around!

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