Carrot Soup



In the summer, I lost one of my Human Hitty friends, Caro from Wren Cottage Dolls.  She was a cheerful, witty and lovely doll-friendly person, which you will have noticed if you read her comments here on this blog during the last year or so.

Before I went to Oregon , I decided to see what I could do with a blank of Paulownia wood that a friend gave me last year.  Though I was happy to have a blank, I found it difficult to carve mostly because the pieces of the blank were unsymmetrical and unbalanced, but also, although the wood itself was soft, it was very light and powdery, and split very easily.

I was fairly well along with the carving before I went to Oregon in August, where, unfortunately I left her and my bag of carving tools – drat.  I retrieved it all on the recent October trip to Oregon! There was great rejoicing in the Hitty Cupboard when the unfinished doll returned to the fold, and the means to finish her up!

Luckily I learned how to pin feet onto a doll, because her feet split right off while carving them.  She now has yellow cedar feet!  The doll that emerged from the tribulations of carving called herself Carrot Soup, which is the name Caro went by on another doll group.

Silver Palate Recipe

Silver Palate Recipe

So, I’ll have to finish her feet once the glue is dry, and then paint and peg her together.  Carrot Soup says to hurry up and get her done so she can start tasting some Carrot soup varieties like this one from the Silver Palate Cookbook! She also says that carrot tops are green, not orange, don’t you know.  I am not sure we’ll be doing green hair, though you may want to check back about that.




16 thoughts on “Carrot Soup

  1. What a lovely tribute to a pretty special person. I am positive that Carrot will be a great addition to the Hitty Cupboard
    Will be interesting to see who she becomes best friends with..

  2. Tears in my eyes thinking of the connection to Caro….can’t wait to see Carrot Soup. Your individual uniqueness as a human is always fascinating to me. Thanks for sharing yourself and Carrot Soup with us.

  3. What a really lovely tribute to a truly wonderful person! I think so many will and do miss Caro tremendously. Carrot Soup looks like she will be a charming addition to the Hitty Cupboard.

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