Thanksgiving 2015

Cake Slice

Cake Slice

 Gráinne has lots of tricks up her sleeves, and a variety of arms – including  the brand new Hitty cake slice!

Gráinne on Guard

Gráinne on Guard

She and the parrot are on guard duty…

Daniel Apple Tart

Patisserie Daniel Apple Tart

They are fending off the ravening hordes who want to eat our special Dessert for breakfast!


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving Day …we have lots of  human family visiting, and lots of good food to eat.  We hope everyone is having a happy day today with lots of reasons to be thankful…





14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015

  1. Now THAT is a big pie! Good thing there are lots of hungry folks to take care of it. Lucky you have an adventurous pirate to defend it until Pie Time!

    • We had nine for dinner, and one did not want any pie…so we asked the neighbours over. Luckily we convinced Gráinne and the parrot to leave off guard duty, and rewarded them with a big slice each!

  2. what a marvelous desert. how clever of you to have the intrepid Grainne on guard duty! with her trusty parrot of course. happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all in the Quimper household!

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