October Fruit



Constance and I admired the fruits of October on the way home from work on a mild afternoon… some are familiar, like these rose hips,

Blue and Purpleberry

Blue and Purple Porcelain Berry

but we have no idea what these blue and purple berries are, though they are very pretty.



We like the silvery underside of the leaves on this bush, and the dark orange berries!



and what shockingly purple clusters on this little tree!



The Fuchsia has dark purple berries, and they taste nice and spicy…



…and what a surprise to find a raspberry!

12 thoughts on “October Fruit

  1. Bless-ed beautiful berries abound by the byway. These are very gratifying photos with such a bounty of very striking berries in your neck of the woods. How very kind of you to share them with us, Constance and Human.

  2. goodness such lovely shrubs and bushes. I am quite fascinated by those bright purple berries on that little tree!
    All of the photos are lovely. Constance is a favorite of ours! and we are very admiring of her lovely frock.

    • I walk home almost 5 km every day, and Constance loves to come with me, there is always something interesting going on! We were very surprised at some of the colours, especially the purple!

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