Lass and Cutlass




Gráinne is in a state of utter bliss…

Pretty Awesome

Pretty Awesome

Gráinne’s friend Birch (a pirate Cabin Boy) has sent her the MOST completely stupendous cutlass…



…it is shiny – and sharp…



…and Gráinne is ready for mayhem now!!

Thank you so much Birch, and please give the cutler (TC Vollum) our most appreciative and sincere admiration and thanks!

16 thoughts on “Lass and Cutlass

  1. Beware pirates of the Pacific!!!!! Gràinne rules!!! What an awesome gift!!!! Now can anybody tell me why that Ocean is called “Pacific”???? Nothing Pacific about it except for its name!

  2. Yay! Now we can raid! Well, in the nicest way, of course. I must finish Red’s swashbuckling clothes so we can have an adventure!.

  3. There is much envy amongst a few of the Country Hittys regarding this development! And as for horrid Hetty Hickory well she is simply GREEN with envy. We all look forward to the further exploits of the Pirate Princess.

    • Gráinne is off plotting her next adventure, which may or may not involve the cutlass (I am guessing it will), and be warned, if Horrid Hickory approaches she will certainly be repelled, or possibly recruited!

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