Rose Reads

Rose Reads

Rose Reads

The Quimper Hittys have some very good friends, which sometimes results in surprises in the mailbox…


Gráinne was the lucky recipient of a bit of hardware a few days ago, but for those Hittys interested in more pacific pursuits, a lovely little handmade, Hitty-sized book arrived on  Friday.   Rose is particularly interested in the book as it takes a sneak peek at the workshop of Judy Brown who carved her.  The book was a gift from our Hitty friend Esther (click here for a link to Hitty Robertson’s website). Some of the dolls carved by the Quimper Hitty human are made from Judy Brown blanks – Constance and Dulcie are next in line to borrow the book, Linnea can read it next time she visits, and so can Tansy when she gets back from her current overseas adventure!

7 thoughts on “Rose Reads

  1. This is such a cozy and very pretty picture. It’s especially appealing on today because here it is very gloomy and rainy, but perfect for sitting down like Rose is and reading a special book.

  2. It is cool and rainy here in Mo today and we have all spent the day sipping tea and reading books. Rose looks so comfy and content with her wonderful new book.

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