Tarte Tatin

Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes

Two very special Hitty-sized Bakery Boxes arrived at the Quimper Hitty Cupboard…

Special Dessert

Special Dessert

The sweet little boxes and their contents are from the Lillipuce Etsy Shop, click here for a link to the shop.  Wonderful Hitty and smaller dollhouse-sized treats come from this shop, and they will even, on occasion make a special order! Min and Constance opened up the boxes and found an apple and a pear Tarte Tatin.


Both Pear and Apple

Both Pear and Apple

The humans enjoy this dessert on occasion when we visit some relatives, and we wanted Hitty-sized tartes in honour of these relatives, and also in honour of the demise of half our poor old apple tree (the remaining bit of which is propped up and swaying in the latest wind storm as I write)…

Cooked in a Frying Pan!

Cooked in a Frying Pan!

Constance is inspired to try the recipe!

14 thoughts on “Tarte Tatin

  1. Oh! La! La! What a treat!!!! You make these look soooooooo good, one is tempted to go for a bite! The pie maker works magic and you make her work shine! What an amazingly talented blogger, person, friend you are!!!! Thank you for sharing!

    • They are fantastic, and the Quimper Hittys are so pleased to have some of the beautiful (as you say – magic) work of Patisserie Lillipuce! They love the Tartes, and they said it tastes as good as it looks.

  2. Amen to tottietalkscrafts! and I speak of the apple peeler Constance is equipped with, and her neat peeled slices in the pan. I wonder if a razor blade could shave down that handle’s stem just a sliver, to peel it slim enough for Constance to take good grip … no NEED, I’ve been there, done that (gone through a period unable to take a good grip with arthritic hands – amazing what one’s hands can still devise, to push and pull when a pinch action isn’t possible)

    • A very generous Hitty friend gave me the apple peeler – it is just like mine, though mine slices them as well, and Constance has to cut them up after they are peeled and cored. The other Quimper Hittys can work the peeler a bit better than Constance due to their thumb configuration!

  3. how charming!! Those little bakery boxes are a real treat and the contents….amazing. Love seeing Constance in action….that apple with peel is lovely. I am totally impressed……..again!!

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