Knotted Fringe

Knotted Fringe

Trying to get some of our linen weavings ready to give away for gifts,  the red-starred linen was cut in half  lengthwise and the cut sides hemmed. Then I ravelled a few cm into a fringe. Luckily for me, nautical Gráinne is an expert at knots, because she had to tie 80+knots in bundles of four warp ends.


Starry Mat

Constance was grateful!

This is the conclusion of the linen weaving project which Constance and I were working on this spring, and which came off the loom in this post.

12 thoughts on “Knots

  1. The Quimper girls do such good work. That linen weaving and knots looks so artistic. Some lucky hittys will get some real nice gifts………sigh…..wish I had the patience to sew.

    • The blue stars were hemmed and have been sent off already, the trees made into bookmarks, and the little tulips became fancy aprons…we liked this project, it made a lot of people happy!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Tying all those knots is a meditation, isn’t it? Very contemplative and quiet work that connects us to all those weavers through the millenia who sat and gently, firmly tied those threads into place….

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