Chicken Pinafores

Linen cloth

Linen cloth

A few months ago, a Hitty friend found two sweet little applique and embroidered linen cloths circa 1930  in a thrift store in Nova Scotia. They appeared without warning in the Quimper Hitty’s mailbox and then languished for a while.


Incipient Pinafore

Incipient Pinafore

It was perfectly obvious that they were destined to become Hitty pinafores, but we had to wait until the stars aligned properly…however last week we made them up (click here for a link to the blog post with the pattern and instructions).  We posted the blue one off to our delightful dollhouse lady friend,




…and Eugenia is the lucky girl that gets to wear the green one.  Thanks so much to the provider of the “box of treasures” for the additional delight!



21 thoughts on “Chicken Pinafores

    • Linen is so nice to work with! I love the little chickens too, they are so adorable. I like to use every bit of the cloth when I can, and I thought the scalloped edge would be perfect for the little bit at the top!

  1. The pinafores are enchanting! I have decided that i need to start wearing pinnies in the studio, as I keep spoiling clothing- but I wouldn’t wear such an exquisite one, as that would be a great shame to get paint and sawdust and lint on it!

    • It makes me happy that you are delighted – sometimes when I get a new bit of cloth I have to ruminate, but this time it was obvious to me what I would like to make, I just had to wait till the right moment came along!

  2. If I may add one thing…no photo renders justice to those treasures!!! It is such beautiful, artistic work!!!! A very special thank you and hugs and cheers to Melinda (am I right ?) for being at the root of this superb creation! I hope I can do the same for you one day! Guess we can vouch for the fact that the world is a better place because of Hitty!!! a very special hug to Quimper human too for this prized work of art!!!

    • Thank you so much for your very kind words of praise – I try very hard to do justice to the cloth. I feel that hand made things deserve my very best attention, and I am so glad you like the results…and I so appreciate that you and other Hitty friends have already provided so many sparks of creativity in the Hitty cupboard…

  3. If these were made as hankies it is very hard to imagine anyone actually using them for that purpose. Must have been for show. I suspect the Hittys may be using them for activities that are gentle and not too dirty! They are very beautiful.

  4. I love this beautiful pinafore and now I am inspired to use one of my hoarded treasures to make one. Also I need to tell you that Hitty Marie Claire thinks this is the most lovely apron she has ever seen.

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