Thanks to the numerous suggestions by people here on the blog, and out in the Quimper Hitty Human’s real life, Carrot Soup was elected Christmas Angel this year! This is especially noteworthy as up to now we have had a Star at the top of our tree, not an angel.  Carrot Soup is excited by the honour!  Her little dress will do, but Christmas Rose and Gráinne decided to help her assemble some wings.




Fortunately for us, we have some beautiful illustrated books which have examples of the general shape and size of angel wings.  This book is A Child’s book of Christmas Carols, selected and arranged by Inez Bertail and illustrated by Masha, one of my Grandmother’s books, dated 1942.




Also fortunately for us, we have some raw materials in our scrap bag, in the felt section…Parrot was concerned at the flat aspect of the felt, and had some suggestions about making the wings a little more real looking…




Carrot Soup was excited!  Gráinne thought they were perfect (and wants to borrow them after the holiday) and Rose sighed a little, but admitted that “nature need not be improved upon”!

Now all we need is a tree!

17 thoughts on “Wings

    • They are still in a walrus phase at the moment, but will no doubt sit up and take notice once they see Carrot Soup flapping around. In fact though, I don’t think they are particularly suited to being immobilised on a tree for days and days, no matter how picturesquely.

  1. Well, now that’s an angel!!!! The quimper tree will be the brightest…and happiest! More power to colorful wings!!!! Love them 🎄

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