Pearl Fishers



Constance and I attended the first of the 2016 Live in HD opera presentations from the MET. The Opera was Bizet’s Les pêcheurs de perles, most famous nowadays for its tenor/baritone duet swearing eternal friendship. The last time the MET put on the Pearl Fishers was 100 years ago, but of course other opera houses haven’t neglected it all that time.

During the overture, two “free divers” swam from the top of the proscenium arch, down to stage level and then back up again! They were actually acrobats in harnesses – I thought it might be an underwater scene previously filmed and projected on a scrim somehow, and didn’t realise they were really real people doing this live! The acrobats were interviewed at the intermission and seemed to have enjoyed themselves. 

We totally enjoyed the singing, set design, production, intermission interviews and most of the costumes, and we can’t wait until Turandot in a couple of weeks!

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6 thoughts on “Pearl Fishers

  1. The Country Hittys have been anxiously awaiting the start of the Opera season and the wonderful reviews from Constance and her Human. Thank you! The Hittys Human here in Mo would have loved to see those “free Divers”

    • We haven’t dispensed with opera altogether – CBC’s Saturday afternoon at the Opera is on every week in the Hitty cupboard, but we haven’t been out to a show since the live performance of Otello. We missed the MET’s live version of Lulu because we were in Colombia at the time, but apparently there were no hummable tunes in it. Plenty of ear-worms in the Pearl Fishers!

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