Viola’s Button Bed



Button Bed

One of the workshops I attended when I was in the Ozarks taught us how to make a doll’s bed by stringing buttons on wire.

I waited till I got home to actually assemble the bed – isn’t it cute? I used wood buttons, including the big painted wooden ones at the head and foot-boards – Viola likes it!




11 thoughts on “Viola’s Button Bed

    • It was fun to attend the workshop, though I had inadvertently left my buttons at home, so I had to wait to actually construct it. I do like the result very much, and wish I had photographed some of the other variants!

    • I am glad you like it! I would say make the bed platform a bit longer and a bit wider than your doll, and the legs and head and foot-boards as long or short as pleases you. For more specific dimensions and instructions you’d have to ask Janet directly.

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