Moth Damage

Moth Damage

Opal and Agathe have introduced several problems into the Hitty Cupboard. Rose is fond of sewing and mending so she is the one to deal with the injured Crocodile’s poor sad foot.





She has never had a project quite like that before, so needs to research some different techniques.



 Mary Ann is in despair, thinking she will never get the Block Twins to mend their wicked ways!

Too Much Energy

Too Much Energy?

…Opal and Agathe know this book by heart by now, and it doesn’t seem to have cured them, but they feel sorry for Mary Ann and sit quietly and nod in all the right places.




Constance is busy dispelling nightmares!





12 thoughts on “Mending

  1. The ornery little block sisters are favorites of mine so I am smiling over their attempts to appease poor distraught Mary Ann!
    Always enjoy seeing the little one , so adorable!

  2. I am sure Rose will be able to work miracles on poor crocodile. That looks an interesting story that Mary Ann is reading to the Block Twins. Hope she has some success with them!

    • Sewing is Rose’s specialty, but this is a new kind of problem…the block twins are immune to this method of instruction – Mary Ann is going to have to try another way of getting them to behave.

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