There is something scary under my bed…





There, there, it was just a nightmare…




Oh, oh I think we might be in trouble again…





17 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Wonderful! I’m laughing so much it’s hard to type…….but won’t be sharing this with the little one I sometimes babysit!

  2. Should the Block Sisters ever feel the need to encounter an American ‘Gator, they are welcome to visit way down this-a-way. The Wiregrass Hitties have facilitated such encounters with previous visitors and everyone escaped with limbs attached. Of course, It would be difficult to bid farewell to such a charming fellow and his toothy grin, even for a short time.

    • Goodness, some of the Hittys are very tempted by that suggestion. We have yet to decide how to safely remove the fearsome guest from our cupboard, though doughnuts and chai do seem to have a tranquilising effect so that is a start.

  3. very very funny!! Your little one with the consoling HIttys is so sweet …and then those two imps!!!
    Made me day…thank you!

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