Back Yard Pond

Back Yard Pond

We have had over 40 mm of raintoday and the rain is still falling! Today it was so wet that Gráinne put on some raingear and went to inspect the huge pond that developed in our back yard…



…the good thing about having a pond in the back yard is that you can set sail from the back steps!



Gráinne is in sailor heaven!






18 thoughts on “Sailing

  1. Grainne no doubt misses the open sea and her mates. If I had such cute rain gear, I would no doubt wear it out regularly to play in the rain.

    • Gráinne is definitely pining for Birch and Back from the Dead Red. She is assuaging her misery by going out into the February storms and gales – and she was glad she wore the raingear, once she figured out how much better it works than her Pirate frock coat (despite the alluring Shiny Buttons)!

  2. We have something in common today: rain!!!! Freezing rain here….not what Pirates care for….you are better off at sea!!! Great sail Gráinne…have fun!

  3. LOL…. my husband would be right there with Grainne, as he loves sailing more than words can say! That is a fine sailboat, and how wonderful that Grainne is such a good little sailor 🙂 I hope that the water stays in your back yard and does not decide to see how it would like puddling about in your basement!

  4. enchanting photos!! Love the rain gear and the ship! Good training for the little Pirate to be!! Keep her in shape for any encounters on the high seas.

  5. She looks like she is making the most of the bad weather and certainly has the most perfect equipment for it! We get a pond in our garden when it rains as well! The girls here don’t have a wonderful sailing boat like this though, just their canoe 😉

    • That sailboat came from the Chandlery in Kingston-Upon Thames and has been sailed in the fountain pools at Hampton Court! A venerable historic sailboat, Gráinne is happy to take it out for exercise whenever she can!

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