Two exciting books appeared in our mailbox yesterday – a Biography and a Historical novel, both about Gráinne’s namesake.  The pirate queen’s 16th Century exploits are legendary, and the spelling of her name is  various: Grace O’Malley; Gráinne Mhaol; Granuaile; Granu Weal; Grana, Grany; Grania …after reading the books we are agreed that what ever she was called – the lady was  amazing!



…Gráinne wonders – do you think she has the O’Malley profile?

Thank you T C Vollum!






16 thoughts on “Namesake

  1. What a striking resemblance! Oh! La! La!!!! Such pride! Gráinne has noble ancestry! Both beautiful. Congratulations on creating this young one, but mostly, thank you for bringing her into our lives.

  2. My sister and I (both senior citizen) have recently discovered Hitty. My sister read the book Hitty her first 100 years and told me to read it. I did. We are both in love with this “Little Being” …that’s what my Aunt calls her dolls…” Little Beings”.
    Since reading the story of Hitty my sister surprised me by purchasing each one of us our very own Hitty. We are head over heels in love.
    Your photos and stories of all your Little Beings are precious. We absolutely love each and every one of them. We both pour and every entry and relished them all. The painstaking detail with every conceivable environment that you put into each story is just amazing. They are darling and have given these two old gals hours of entertainment and pleasure.
    I want to thank you for your generosity in showing your Hitty fans how to make aprons, and bonnets etc. I made the apron and it actually turned out just like your instructions showed.
    I am now pulling apart an old straw hat and can hardly wait to give the bonnet a try.
    Thank You so much for your kindness in sharing all of this.

  3. I am do glad you found the Quimper Hittys and are amused by their escapades…I was given the Hitty book by my grandma about 50 years ago, and have loved that little being ever since! I searched every gutter and tide pool and antique shop for years in case I should find her languishing. Your kind comments made my day!

  4. an amazing likenesss! A few more years at sea in the salt and wind and she will be the spitting image of the Great One. How fun to have those books!! Thank you for sharing her adventures. Perhaps Back From the Dead Red will one day share hers with us!

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