The Barber of Seville



If Constance is admiring this year’s marmalade….





…and looking askance at her laundry list…




…and wondering about getting a haircut…

…she must be thinking about Rossini’s Barber of Seville, the current production by Pacific Opera Victoria.

Constance and I went to the real live Opera last night, (today is the 200th anniversary of its world premiere!!) and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening.  We both departed the Royal Theatre with our sides aching from laughter, and our heads full of earworms.

The rather sparse stage design was very distinctive and beautiful, and got a round of applause as soon as the curtain went up after the overture! Costumes were great, especially Figaro’s shockingly cheerful striped pants, and all of Almaviva’s earnestly ridiculous disguises.

Rosina’s not-quite innocent duplicity was adorable, and she amused everyone except Dr Bartolo, whose frustrated buffoonery had us rolling in the aisles. The singing was mellifluous and comical, and everyone on and offstage was overjoyed when all the silly situations resolved themselves at the end (especially the Barber, who ended the evening with pockets full of cash)!

Thank you Pacific Opera Victoria for an excellent antidote to February gloom!

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6 thoughts on “The Barber of Seville

  1. We’ve been watching the trailers/promos on Facebook for POV’s “Barber” – how lucky you were to be in the audience! (We finally will see Otello today on our local public television station…and have the time to enjoy it!) Love the laundry list!

    • We were so lucky! A friend wanted to go and it was sold out! Constance’s laundry list is a direct ‘quote’ from the opera, just imagine Dr Bartolo’s bafflement!! It was so-o funny!

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