Colourful Yarn

Colourful Yarn

The Hitty’s favourite photographer picked out a little ball of sock yarn for Opal and Agathe.



Colourful Blanket

Colourful Blanket

The Human decided it was time do learn the entrelac (interlaced) knitting technique!

Colourful Dreams

Colourful Dreams

The girls are warmed by the photographer’s consideration, the bright colours and their new warm blanket!





23 thoughts on “Entrelac

  1. Quimper family works real well…great pick, great knit!!!! Opal and Agathe are two lucky woodens and we are happy you all shared! Have a great day.

  2. So lovely…the Photographer is a person of great good taste and the Quimper Human is a knitter of renown!! What a combination!! The girls look so cozy.

  3. So nice to meet you the other night! I’m enjoying seeing how you have built a whole world for the Hittys. I hope to have such a complete picture of where my creatures come from when I’ve been making them longer.

    – Karina

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