Puss-in-the-Corner 2



The Quimper Hitty human was given a Yoyo quilt in 2013. With the help of two friends, the Hittys, and the cat,  the quilt was taken apart, and the circles washed, ironed and shared. One of the friends began making Puss-in-the corner blocks with some of her pieces, but has just decided she would never get around to making them up. Yesterday she returned some uncut yoyo circles, one-inch squares, and thirteen assembled blocks.





We were quite glad to share the circles with our friend but when she went off in another direction, we were happy that the bits and pieces came back to the Hitty cupboard. The old Yoyo quilt was made in Northern Alberta with fabrics from the 1920’s and 30’s, probably by a school child (according to the woman who gave me the quilt).

To see other mini quilts made with the old Yoyo quilt fabrics, Click Here



10 thoughts on “Puss-in-the-Corner 2

  1. These quilts are unique, colorful and precious. How sweet that the patches were used in the past and have such a dear history. Very Hitty.

    • We love the fabrics, though were somewhat dismayed at the idea of caretaking the quilt itself, since it was in poor condition. I was very glad that when the woman did give me the quilt, she told us that she expected me to disassemble it and make something for Hitty with it!

  2. More lovely quilts from those talented fingers! I enjoyed the mini film…and getting to see the wonderful little quilts again.

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