Rose Knits More

More Knitting

More Knitting

The Quimper Hitty’s human likes to knit, and Rose likes to help.

More snuggling

More snuggling

Gillyflower and Prissy think these will be the best sleeping bags ever!



12 thoughts on “Rose Knits More

  1. Your photos are surely filled with richness of color. Rose, Gilly and Prissy look charming amongst the luscious yarns and textiles.

  2. Gilly’s sweet happy adorable little face makes my day. Would the QH human be so kind as to tell the story of Gilly’s creation? I’ve looked on the biographies and can’t find it. I absolutely love this little Hitty.
    Also…I wish I had rose’s talent…such a pretty color pallet.

    • Gilly is chirping around in her bed this morning, happy that people love her. It is true I haven’t got around to putting Gilly or Carrot Soup into “The Hittys” yet…but I’ll tell you a trick to keep you going while I get around to it: On the side bar, under “Categories” you will find a list of all the Hittys, and if you click the name, all the posts about that doll will come up in a new list…Gilly was made in early January this year, 3 January is the first blog post with her in it I think. Thanks for the reminder to get the biography pages posted!

    • Rose is good at reminding me to keep calm and carry on knitting…She has actually tried to convince Gracia that her Carnicería would make a lovely yarn store, but the Argentinian girl won’t give up her meat.

  3. Oh my goodness, the glorious colors make my heart sing! I love the new socks- and look at those lovely cables! Aren’t Prissy and Gilly dear together in their ‘sleeping bags’…. I hope that there will be enough yarn left over to make them a little something! ❤

    • Yes I have been thinking I ought to make them an actual Hitty sleeping bag, but depending on how much is left over, I will probably make some toddler socks with this yarn.

  4. such lovely colors. I do so enjoy seeing the serene and pretty Rose busy at her handwork. Makes me wish I
    too could knit!

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