Sempervivum arachnoideum

Sempervivum arachnoideum

Eugenia took the poultry to visit her favourite plant…



Sometimes called the Cobweb House Leek, Eugenia knows it by it’s other name, Hens-and-chicks. Its flowers are on tall stalks, and they are very Pink!

Cobwebby "Hens"

Cobwebby “Hens”

These  “Hens” show why this succulent has “Cobweb” in its name, but we are not too sure about the House Leek part.

Escaping "Chicks"

Escaping “Chicks”

The plant’s chicks are escaping….

Escaping Chicks

Escaping Chicks

…oops – so are the real ones!





14 thoughts on “Hens-and-Chicks

  1. These “Hens and Chicks” are knitted to my memories of going to my Grandmother’s house. She had two pedestal cement planters with hens and chick plants along her walkway leading to her home. They were always there to greet her guests. I think of her whenever I see them to this day…They seem an old fashioned plant…like the name, Grandmother or Grandmom which for some reason seems to have become obsolete. I know of no one who calls themselves by that name anymore. Thank You sweet Eugenia for sharing this plant with us.

    • The Hens-and-chicks name goes with a lot of different succulents – this is like the one I remember from my grandma’s house. She was a great gardener! She grew plants with names like “Good King Henry”, “Boneset” and “Lamb’s Ears”! Her green thumb was only partially passed down to me, but at least I can grow Hens-and-chicks!!

  2. Of course here at the farm we love all things hen and chicks…Marie Claire applauds your green thumb and she thinks Eugenia is a fine Poultry wrangler.

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