Moss Blanket

 5Tansy Catalogues Moss (6)

Tansy and her favourite photographer sailed on the schooner Passing Cloud  for two weeks around the southern archipelago of Haida Gwaii. The opportunities to observe sea life from the boat were marvelous, but so were the shore excursions.

5Tansy Catalogues Moss (3)

Tansy loved strolling through the ancient forests where the moss grows thick and lush…

5Tansy Catalogues Moss (4)

Everything on the forest floor eventually gets covered in a thick soft blanket of green.

 5Tansy Catalogues Moss (2)

In the deep woods the baby hemlock trees reached skyward through the moss…

 5Tansy Catalogues Moss (1)

In a clearing the club mosses did the same…

 5Tansy Catalogues Moss (5)

…Tansy was lost in admiration for these forests and their wonderful mosses.

 5Tansy Catalogues Moss (7)

 A carpet, a blanket, a shroud – Tansy feels privileged to see the beautiful process of nature.


12 thoughts on “Moss Blanket

  1. The smell and the sound (or lack of) must be exhilarating!!! Tansy, I think you are indeed a privileged little wooden!!!! Thank you soooooo much for sharing this soothing experience.

    • The photographer said he met with a Jazz Musician who said being in this mossy forest was as quiet as being in a recording sound booth! Every external sound muffled or absorbed, and nothing making noise except for the ravens!

    • I have never seen anything quite like it before. Tansy is definitely appreciative of all the experiences she has had with her favourite photographer, who takes her to places she would never otherwise be able to visit and enjoy!

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