Walrus Goodbye

Stormy Seas in Alaska

Stormy Seas in Alaska

Constance always feels a little sad when the walrus-watching season is over. Up on the walrus rocks in Alaska there have been storms and clouds and crashing waves for a few days now. The walruses have abandoned the island completely, and the biologist/camera operators are departing for the season today.

Cheer Up with Chocolate!

Cheer Up with Chocolate!

Opal and Agathe knew Constance would be missing the Wallies, so they brought her a cheer-up animal cake from Patisserie Daniel.



On the one hand, the chocolate hedgehog looks pretty delicious…

Too Cute

Too Cute

But on the other hand, it is too cute to eat!

Walrus Re-runs

Walrus Re-runs

Fortunately, the human was able to help with the eating part.

Constance went back to the website to watch some Walrus re-runs.


Click here for the Alaska walrus-cam website! And this blog describes a visitor’s experiences on Round Island.


8 thoughts on “Walrus Goodbye

  1. What a darling series of photos. How thoughtful of Opal and Agathe to make sure Constance was comforted and cared for. And that is a seriously whimsical and delightful cupcake!!

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