Nut Spas

Walnut Windfalls

Walnut Windfalls

On August 29th it is traditional to celebrate the Nut Harvest in Russia and Ukraine. Constance found that the walnut tree was indeed beginning to drop its fruit.

Happy Nut Spas.  We hope people everywhere are able to celebrate a joyful and abundant nut harvest!




15 thoughts on “Nut Spas

  1. I’m amazed that you are able to “harvest” any walnuts from your trees. In this area the squirrels reign supreme on harvesting “all” nuts on “all” trees. We had a neighbor who planted a nut bearing tree (can’t remember the kind of nut) but it took years for the tree to grow and produce nuts, it finally reached maturity and the nuts were plentiful. The pitiful dynamic between this poor man and all of the area squirrels made the gopher in the movie Caddyshack look like a novice.

    • There were quite a few nuts on the tree and a few on the ground. I think they are not quite ripe yet… It looked like squirrels had already eaten a few of them, but luckily there seems to be enough to share on this tree.

  2. Missouri is blessed with forests of black walnut trees , Every fall there are collection stations where you can sell your walnuts or if you want to keep them you can pay a small fee and have them hulled! That green hull will stain your fingers permanently brown!! Happy Nut Harvest to one and all.

    • That sounds like an excellent system! We’ve never tried to process the nuts from this tree (which lives in the garden of the Hitty’s favourite photographer’s ancestral home). Extracting the nut seems like quite a production!

  3. Goodness! Our pecan harvest is still a while off, but we are much further south than the QH. I hope we’ll see the meats of those walnuts in some future post…no doubt in some delectable recipe from a much-loved cookery book. Oh! Let me see if I can find the recipe for walnut cake!

  4. Walnut hulls make wonderful ink as well as beautiful dyes. I have never seen green walnuts before- thank you for showing us what they look like. We are enjoying picking up acorn caps on our walks, as the squirrels are tossing the acorns about and I love to use the caps in doll making.

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